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Astarlifts Solutions in Lift Engines

They are the component of the traction circuit in charge of supplying the power necessary for the movement of the elevator. Your choice depends on the nominal speed and type of service provided (number of passengers, starting frequency, type of building, height ...).

GEARLESS motors without geared motors are available in electric lifts. This type of elevator uses permanent magnet technology (no gearbox required). This allows us to have a reduced consumption and need less space for the placement of the machine (the machine can be installed inside the elevator shaft, thus avoiding the need for a machine room). Conventional electric elevators have a motor with reducer. This type of machine requires a machine room to be installed. These equipments are a good alternative in modernizations and for lifting very heavy loads.

The hydraulic elevators are equipped with a hydraulic power plant that is responsible for driving one or more pistons through its hydraulic circuit. These pistons are the ones that transmit the movement to the elevator car. The consumption of a hydraulic equipment is greater than that of an electric, but requires less space for its placement (they do not carry counterweight) and the capacity of load is still greater than in the electrical ones.

Maintenance of engines for lifts

It is advisable to check the cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of the electrical connections between motors and boards; Check the adjustment of the protection caps; Clean the silver contacts with clean and dry rags that do not leave lint; Replace worn or broken brushes; Observe the condition of the collectors and clean them with hard bristle brushes; among others.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in all manufacturing processes and can provide support and training for the implementation of these elements in their projects.

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