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Astarlifts Solutions in Electric Room Elevators

Electrical lifts with engine rooms are currently installed mainly in multi-stop buildings where high-speed elevators are required. This passenger compartment is usually built on the upper floor of the building in order to install the engine and the elevator control panel. The engine room helps you to have all the elevator machinery neatly arranged and simplifies maintenance, rescue and lift repairs ..

Astarlifts uses 2 types of motors for electric lifts with engine room:

  • Geared motor: It is a motor with reducer and gears. Currently, we use it in electric elevators equipped with frequency inverter, in buildings that have a machine room for the elevator. For this reason, electric elevators with frequency inverters are the ideal solution for renovations of existing elevators with engine room. They are an excellent option for its relation quality / price + info
  • Gearless Motor: Gearless motors do not have reducer and they work with the technology of the permanent magnets. This allows the machine to be much more compact and can be installed in the elevator shaft itself. Therefore, the vast majority of times, do not require engine room. Electric lifts with Gearless machine are much quieter and by reducing friction points and using a smaller motor, we achieve an energy saving around 40% + info

Making a lift, is not a task to be left unreliable companies. fully I trust the professionalism and commitment of AstarLifts.
Román Navarro - Technical Engineer

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