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Astarlifts solutions in car lifts, Car lifts or elevators

They are lifting equipment that is designed to move vertically vehicles, usually passenger cars, with or without a companion. They consist of a robust platform, safe, with simple finishes and resistant to the blows.

The mounts allow to store and organize better the parking of the vehicles. We offer great adaptability and options according to their use.

The mounts are divided mainly into 2 families:

- Platform mounts:

  • They do not have a closed cabin
  • Capacity up to 2500 Kgs
  • Limited speed 0.1m / s
  • Travel limited to 12m
  • No trench / exhaust required

- Cabin mounts:

  • They incorporate closed cabin with automatic doors
  • Speed ​​up to 0.5m / s
  • No travel limit
  • Capacity up to 5000 Kgs
  • Requires minimum pit / exhaust

We have a wide catalog of montacoches.

We advise you on the best option for your building

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